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we are six months later and the obama administration has done nothing more than to try to ride out the storm without taking action. loyslerner and doug shulman resigned from the i.r.s., however, they are still entitled to hi the rest of their lives living on the backs of hardworking american taxpayerers that they abused when they were with the i.r.s. mr. speaker, folks like lerner and shulman should never be allowed to get away with their bhayor like this and get on federal retirement. the i.r.s. must stop targeting certain individuals an fwroups were partisan reasons. it is time that the administration gives congress the information that we requested over and over and over again so that the american people will know the facts and that they'll know these practices are no longer being done. americans deserve and demand transparencies from government agencies as well as compliance with law and with the constitution. my colleagues and i remain committed to finding answers and putting a stop to this injustice. mr. speaker, i'd like for every federal bureaucrat that has tried to abuse t
of both. i think it was required of every first lady since her, what would be her project. michelle obama was asked that even before the nomination. it was a complement to society and also uniquely hers. >> but the first ladies who have succeeded her, did you see both michelle obama and laura bush i thinkh quoted her. that's what betty was saying. she took a while and she had that big landslide. she was no longer the air to the to the job. she said i have a pulpit and i have to use it to do good. they took those words and follow them very consciously, quoting her. >> and remember that she continued that work after the beautification, if we want to use a terrible term which she hated also. she continued it after she left the white house. i think until 1990, which is 22 years after leaving the white house, she continued to give that highway beautification award out of her own pocket to highway workers in texas who had done most to beautify the highways of texas. i'm always interested in which first ladies continue their projects afterwards and which ones forget that they ever did that. >> y
. she's the author of numerous books including "first ladies from martha washington to michelle obama." and she's currently working on a new biography of lady bird johnson. ladies, i want to start with the beginning, where we were 50 years ago this week. this is an administration birthed in national tragedy. what were the immediate challenges for the brand new first couple in those first terrible days after the assassination of kennedy? >> well, they were enormous. first of all, nobody knew whether there was a widespread plot. and so the country was in terror for a period of time. and then they had to -- they had to be both taking over and making sure that there was a peaceful transition of power without seeming to take over because of the image of being -- pushing the kennedys out of the way, any of that. so they had to be very, very careful. in how they handled it. and lyndon johnson was very lucky that he had lady bird to help him with that because she had a good ear for knowing exactly what to say and when to say it. >> and in particular what did she do during those first weeks? >
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3